At Sankalp, elements of our customized treatment program include.

Addiction Treatment

Sankalp De-Addiction And Rehabilitation Center is a premiere addiction treatment facility in Sankalp that offers a diverse range of drug and alcohol treatment options for addiction and dependence. Our addiction treatment programs are created to heal our inpatient clients as well as their family members. By employing a holistic approach that treats the whole individual, our experienced team of experts will help you or your loved one develop the tools required to overcome your addiction, repair broken relationships, and sustain a long term recovery.

Sankalp De-Addiction And Rehabilitation Center follows a unique approach to successfully treat individuals with addictions. We are dedicated to putting together the right treatment solutions for each client who walks through our front door. We start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of each new arrival, which includes interviews with family members. We talk to the family members and the individual separately, to ensure that each party is able to speak openly and honestly, without restraint.

The assessment is used as a foundation for creating an individualized treatment plan for the inpatient recovery phase and for the client’s long term care. Each customized treatment plan encompasses traditional addiction recovery techniques in addition to other therapeutic methods that are designed to address the cultural, social, and spiritual needs of each of our clients and their family members. Each client’s treatment program is monitored and adjusted as needed throughout their stay at the Academy Centre and during the aftercare phase.

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